Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Finds: Pressed Rose Art and Accessories

I have been stopping to smell the roses for over a week now. The Ogre bought me a ravishingly red rose bouquet, because, as he told me on our first date five years ago, "every girl deserves roses on Valentine's Day." I had only been given fresh flowers by a boy twice before that moment, so I was quite charmed. My heart still flutters when he presents another bouquet each year. Even though I know the money could be better spent on other things, I enjoy the roses too much to tell him to ever stop.

Even dried roses are beautiful, but I sadly end up throwing them away eventually. Today I went strolling through the gardens of Etsy for ideas on how to preserve a rose forever. Many crafters and jewelry artists are growing pressed rose art and accessories in their shops. Aren't these pretty ways to recycle flowers that would wilt away to dust if left alone?

Pressed Rose Art on Etsy
1. Pressed Flower Red Rose Laminated Bookmark and Valentine Card Pink and Red With Gift Envelope - Gift Pack by Butterfly Garden Creations

2. Real Pressed Flowers - Red Rose Garden by Windows to the Garden

3. Red Roses Resin Bangle - Pressed Flowers Encased in Resin. Chunky Bangle with Real Flowers by Spotted Dog Farm

4. Red Rose Pressed Flower Pendant by Mermaiden Creations


  1. i adore that bracelet!!!!!!! thank you so much for featuring my pendant, you sweet-smelling Romantic, you!

  2. That is lovely! Many of the roses blooms my husband has given me have been dried and are in a lovely crystal vase.

  3. Yes, the bangle is nice. Have you thought about preserving roses from each year pressed in a little book? I imagine you could even use those photo albums with the magnetic pages.

  4. How pretty! Thanks so much for featuring my bookmark! Love your blog too- always glad to find another one to peruse!

  5. Beautiful feature! Not that I'm biased or anything. :) I especially like the bangle.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my bangle! I love working with pressed flowers - such a fun way to preserve them. Love seeing your post - it's great to see how many different ways people use the same material.

  7. That bangle is gorgeous! I want to get a whole bunch of resin bangles to wear with every outfit.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  8. These roses are ultra-gorgeous!
    FAETeam is ultra-talented!

  9. Fun finds! That bracelet is really pretty!


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