Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Amethyst Magic

I survived my 30th birthday, gleefully surrounded by the dazzling lights and glitter of Las Vegas. Much fun was had in the mammoth casinos, but it was nice to return home. Instead of choking on a cloud of cigarette smoke, I was welcomed by a mist of amethyst magic, cast by AJ of Erthe Fae Designs. She chose several fabulous ingredients from the Fantasy Artists of Etsy team, including a lavender pearl Celtic necklace, fairy costume wings and my purple unicorn art magnet.

Amethyst Magic


  1. Beautiful amethyst treasury! I'm glad that you survived your birthday. :) Thanks for another great link up.

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you as well. Love your newest pretty collection. Yes, I sure did watch "The Walking Dead" last night. I really hate Shane's character and keep wishing they would kill him off but....I very much doubt that will happen. Good episode though. Good luck with the contest, I know you had applied for a stagger on role last year as well. Maybe this time you will get lucky with that show.


  3. I think that it is always good to get home after a trip to Vegas(and I don't gamble). Lovely amethyst treasury. I've been too busy for the last week to have a link to add though.

  4. That purple is so pretty!

    Happy Birthday!

    Did you get to see the fountains?

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Vegas must have been fun.


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