Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Finds, Alice in Wonderland Style: White Rabbit Art

Rabbit Hole at Noyes Museum
See me peeking out of the rabbit hole at the Noyes Museum of Art? Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photographs inside their Alice: Into the Looking Glass exhibit so you'll have to cry a pool of tears and ride it to Oceanville, New Jersey before May 20, 2012 to experience it yourself. The exhibition houses several fascinating interpretations of Lewes Carroll's classic novels, including a few vintage books where his storybooks were adapted by other cultures.

Drink Me by Victor Grasso, a dramatic photo-realist painting of Alice after she ventures to taste from the bottle, looms just inside the entrance. Alice and her curious creatures abound around the room, depicted in more paintings, drawings and sculptures. My very favorite artwork from the collection is a marvelously detailed mosaic of the Caterpillar puffing his hookah by Doreen Adams. Putting together all those pieces would have certainly driven me mad as the hatter!

The entire display was wonderful, but I still tumbled down a tunnel at Etsy in search of more Alice in Wonderland art. I even caught up with the White Rabbit! But oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting - I better hurry and post his cuteness before my watch strikes Saturday.

White Rabbit Art on Etsy
1. White Rabbit 5x7 Art Print Alice in Wonderland by Deanna Davoli

2. I'm Late, 11x14 print of Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit by Darkling Woods

3. Alice and The White Rabbit 5X7 digital art print by Shimmer Scales

4. Rabbit Print White Rabbit with Time piece 8x11 illustration by Chasing the Crayon


  1. The mosaics by Doreen are fantastic. What detail!
    Then I went to Victor Grasso's site and got totally blown away.
    I mean, WOW!! I'll be checking in to that site often to see more. Would love to have seen the Alice painting in person. May have to consider a trip.

  2. Thanks for this interesting and fabulous post. I love Alice In Wonderland ... it makes you think, don't you think?

    Happiness to all.

  3. Fun round up to go with the exhibit!

    Link up your Friday Feature right here:

  4. Thanks for the feature Kristen....Wonderful blog!


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