Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Finds, X-Men Style: Wolverine Figures

The Ogre and I snuck a peek at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash the same day we followed the white rabbit to the Alice in Wonderland exhibit. Driving from the Noyes Art Museum in Oceanville, NJ to Kevin Smith's comic store in Red Bank, NJ was quite an adventure, especially with the GPS stuck, insisting our car was still back in Atlantic City. Too bad we didn't have the Blackbird to X-jet us over those 70 miles.

I didn't know Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash shop truly existed until seeing the Comic Book Men series on AMC, but Ogre has been wanting to visit there for years. I usually like Kevin Smith movies, but the only one I've seen enough times to lose count is Mallrats. My favorite scene is when Jay is acting out how they're going to outwit Lafours, X-Men style. Brodie asks, "Should I call you Logan, Weapon-X?" Jay replies, "No, Wolverine! Snickty snickty snoine!" while imitating Wolverine's berserker attack with his adamantium claws.

Today I borrowed Cerebro and scanned for mutant signatures across Etsy. My brainwaves picked out these amazing Wolverine figures.

Wolverine Figures on Etsy
1. Custom LEGO Miniland Wolverine Model by Folded Fancy Creations

2. Wolverine Earrings by The Twisted Crafts

3. Wolverine String Doll Voodoo Doll Keychain by Narak Doll

4. Superhero Birthday Cake Topper or Play Wood Peg Doll, Wolverine Toy Collectible by CreativeButterflyXOX


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