Thursday, June 21, 2012

Branch out to Viridian Muse Designs!

Viridian Muse Fairy DollSometimes I go weeks without touching colored pencils, my art medium of choice. But not Chel of Viridian Muse Designs - she creates something artistic everyday, whether it be a whimsical painting, fairy doll or plush toy. All of her cute creations are filled with light and laughter. She designs them with the intention of making someone's day a little brighter. I certainly smile every time I visit her Etsy shop, and not just because I know what a sweet soul dwells behind the storefront.

Chel enjoys working one on one with people to create thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. Her fairy dolls can be customized, from the hair and clothing colors to the tip of a wand or accessory. She also personalizes paintings with names and colors, which makes unique presents for baby showers and little girls' birthdays. Although Chel is inspired daily by her life, she confides, "Doing specified art, whether for a customer or a friend, just brings out the best in my creative muse."

Viridian Muse on Etsy

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