Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Finds, Fairytale Style: Snow White's Apple

Growing up, Snow White was my least favorite Disney princess. Her personality didn't earn any brownie points when I grew old enough to read "Little Snow-White" by the Brothers Grimm, either. Fortunately, her story is certainly getting a makeover this year - with at least two movies and a television show revolving around the popular fairytale. I haven't seen Mirror, Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman yet, but I am a fan of the Snow White on ABC's Once Upon a Time series, where she proves to be a heroine rather than just a pretty face.

Although the original Snow White character may be gullible to a fault, I can't blame her for being tempted by the evil queen's poison apple. It always looks so shiny red and scrumptious! Today I commanded Etsy's looking-glass to show me the fairest of them all. I plucked these dangerously delicious beauties, growing amidst dozens of Snow White decals and apple stickers.

Snow White Apple on Etsy
1. Snow White's Apple Necklace by Gjentagelsen ou La reprise

2. Snow Whites Apple Cookies (Apple Pie Spice) 1 Dozen by Fancy Lady Gourmet

3. Snow White Inspired Poison Apple Ring by Buttons Undun Boutique

4. 4 Snow White and the Huntsman Cinnamon Candy Apples Drizzled with Black Candy by The Poisoned Apples


  1. Another awesome theme for a feature! It's amazing what you can find on Etsy. Snow White was never my favorite princess either. Some of the other Disney stories resonated with me more.

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  2. Beautiful finds=)...Every one of your blog posts is as enchanting as a fairytale itself!!

  3. Beautiful reds - vivid indeed. I can't wait to see Snow White and the Huntsman!

  4. brilliant! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo


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