Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Finds: Harley Davidson Gifts for Men

Finding gift ideas for my dad used to be extremely difficult - until he bought a motorcycle. Over the years, I've bought him a variety of official Harley Davidson merchandise, from clothing to home decor to glassware. Every time I visit a new town with a Harley store, I have to check out if it has any deals. I've also discovered unique presents at antique shops and craft fairs. Given my weekly Friday Finds feature, I'm a bit revved up that it didn't hit me earlier to search online for Harley Davidson gifts for men.

Today I grabbed a helmet and rode around the streets of Etsy. I had to slow down to get a better look at these awesome motorcycle gifts. It may be too late to buy one this Father's Day ... but don't worry, Dadda, there's always the next holiday!

Harley Davidson Gifts for Men on Etsy
1. The "Brando" Retro Motorcycle, a Designer Wall Mounted Clock by LeLuni

2. Born To Ride Motorcycle Sign by My Metal Artworks

3. Classic Motorcycle Vinyl Wall Decal - Harley Davidson Sticker Art, Room, Home and Business Decor by Eyval Decal

4. Wood Coasters Harley Motorcycle Coaster, Man Gift, HD Coaster Set by Once Tattered


  1. Love the tankard! Great suggestions for Father's Day!

  2. Great picks! I am a blog follower from Etsy. Please feel free to visit and follow my blog:
    Thank you!

  3. Great idea for a gift guide! If you ever visit Milwaukee, you'll have to stop by the Harley Museum.

  4. That is so cool. We love anything motorcycle. Tell all the dads they make great holiday gifts too...haha thank you!!



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