Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finds: Peacock Feather Cuff Bracelets

Have you ever heard a peacock's call? The screeching sound is not what I'd expect to come out of such a majestic bird. The first time I heard its curdling cry I was in elementary school, spending the night at the Philadelphia Zoo on a girl scout field trip. I was tuckered out after a full day of oohing and awwing the animals, huddled in my Rainbow Brite sleeping bag on the lawn. Sweet oblivion had almost claimed my little mind when I was shaken wide awake by what sounded like a sick cat literally mewling "help," over and over again. I did not get much sleep that night and it had nothing to do with the dozens of giggling girls around me.

Although I wouldn't want to live within hearing distance of a pride of peacocks, the experience didn't stop me from being a fan of their elegant stature and vibrant tails. Today I put in ear plugs and kept my eyes peeled for their pretty plumes on Etsy. These peacock feather cuff bracelets strutted forward.

Peacock Feather Cuff Bracelets on Etsy
1. Hera's Cuff Leather Peacock Feather Bracelet Accented With Featherwork And Beadwork by Beadmask

2. Handmade Green Velvet Fabric Peacock Feather Cuff - Inspired by the 1920s/Art Deco by Jo George Designs

3. Brass Cuff Peacock Feather Brass Cuff Bracelet Handmade Gold Gilded Paper on Brass Cuff Costed with Resin by Classic Keepsakes

4. Peacock Feather Bridal Bracelet by Serrelynda's Enchantment


  1. These are so beautiful! I love the color & design of peacock feathers, they are so beautiful on jewelry too.

  2. Great theme for a feature! The last time we were at the Milwaukee Zoo, we kept hearing screaming. It took us a while to figure out that it was the peacocks. You're right that despite that, they're still beautiful. Thanks for linking up with me.

  3. Love all the jewel-toned colors related to the peacock! Your story made me giggle because we have a pair of yellow-crowned night herons nesting in a tree above our backyard. They have an extreme, disturbing squawk that sends me straight back into the house...and they aren't nearly as pretty to look at!

  4. Those are truly beautiful!

  5. Hopping by to say Hi. Visiting from Katherines Corner blog hop. I enjoy photography but yet to perfect that hobby. LOL I follow you as Kathy B. Please come visit when you can, your always Welcome. Http://

  6. Gorgeous! And your art work is fantastic fantasy! Thanks for sharing.


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