Monday, July 9, 2012

Branch out to Four20moon Tie Dye Shop!

Four20moon Tie Dye ShirtThe last time I attempted tie dye, I was at girl scout camp. Although I was silly proud of my simple swirly shirt and sock set at the time, it doesn't even compare to what Lila and Jason of Four20moon Tie Dye Shop can do with good vibes and bright dyes. The patterns they create by hand tying then dying are awesome. The skull and crossbones design commandeered my attention first, but other images range from bats to butterflies to even a cupcake! Traditional spirals, peace signs and smiley faces are also available.

The cool couple met while drywall taping at the same company back in 2004. Being surrounded by so much white at their job motivated them to start tie dying work clothes to brighten up their lives. The colorful hobby quickly became a passion. Now they not only sell their wearable art on Etsy, they also donate it! 100% of the profit from every purchase in their Grateful Heads Charity section helps fund donations of colorful tie dye bandannas and caps to area cancer patients and treatment centers.

Viridian Muse on Etsy

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  1. So much to love! And I wasn't familiar with the Grateful Head charity!

  2. It is amazing what people can do with tie dye! I love the monkey.


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