Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Finds, National Dance Day Style: Red Dance Shoes

Better step into your dancing shoes, because National Dance Day 2012 is tomorrow, July 28th! I'm starting off the celebration by going out with my fellow belly dancers tonight. We're shimmying to a bar, so I'll be shaking the dance floor with my snazzy skull sneakers instead of barefoot like usual.

Although belly dancing barefoot feels more authentic, I don't have the daintiest feet. Today I tip toed over to Etsy to see what sexy alternatives are available. Goddess style and barefoot sandals stood out amongst the red dance shoe search. The other two pairs spectacularly stomped into my memories, reminding me what fun I had as a child ballerina and tapper.

Red Dance Shoes on Etsy
1. Leather Lace Up Sandals Candy Apple RED Metallic by Bella Caribe

2. Upturned Toe, Red Satin and Lace Cut Out Overlay Slippers, with Red Suede Soles, Ballet Ties by Uku

3. Decoupage Tap Shoes Capezio Mary Jane Red Crybaby Wet Look Size 61/2 7 by Normal Mix

4. Tatted Barefoot Sandals - Barefoot Heart by Totus Mel Tats


  1. Love all four, but then again I have a weakness for red shoes!

  2. These are all fantastic picks! The first one is my favorite, but they are all great.

  3. All four are great,they are lovely


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