Sunday, August 5, 2012

Branch out to Life is the Bubbles!

Mermaid Tears Necklace by Life is the BubblesCount the grains in a handful of sand and you may come close to how many times I watched The Little Mermaid movie as a child. My best friend and I knew every song by heart. Years later, when reading the Life is the Bubbles! shop name for the first time, Sebastian swam out of the dark abyss of my memory, enthusiastically singing the lyric from "Under the Sea." I coasted into the shop while searching for Pirates of the Caribbean jewelry, such as the Mermaid Tears necklace to the right, but dropped anchor when I saw the abundance of Disney-inspired treasure.

Life is the Bubbles! is bursting with magic, from fairy tale necklaces to cartoon earrings to fashion scarves. Mother-daughter team, Brandy and Kathy, see their creations as tangible connections to the magical possibilities we all desire. When asked about their muse, they replied, "Walt Disney, the master of believing the impossible, has been our inspiration. Bringing happiness to others is our aspiration!"

Life is the Bubbles on Etsy

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