Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade Trove: Periwinkle Rose Necklace by Cap Creations

You may have gleaned from my nature photographs that I am a fan of flowers in any hue. So when Cathy of Cap Creations told me I could choose a pretty rose necklace in one of 19 beautiful colors for hosting her jewelry giveaway (hint hint, nudge nudge - check back after August 20 to enter), I was happily perplexed. Should I go natural with one of the many pink shades? Or perhaps choose black, grey or white to match a multitude of outfits? Of course, autumn is blowing this way, so I'll be wearing more browns and oranges ...

Periwinkle Rose NecklaceNo, I couldn't resist the periwinkle rose necklace. I had been pondering why I don't own very much blue jewelry, so now I've taken the first step to remedy that. Plus, the large resin rose is such an interesting blue, almost a purple. Cathy also let me choose the metal tone for the 24 inch chain. I decided on the shiny silver, not realizing just how long it'd be. However, the chain was thick enough that I could easily rig the latch so the flower hung just above my shirt collar.

I wore the handmade necklace the day after Cathy's package sprouted in the mail. (Her envelope, by the way, looked lovely - lime green with an oval silver logo label and tied with a black ribbon.) I'd barely stepped in the office when I received the first compliment, and many more sprung up throughout the day. This rose may not smell, but it certainly inspires people to stop what they're doing to enjoy the beauty.


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