Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Lunch with Sir Christopher Wren at the Williamsburg Winery

Wine Bottle Picture

"Wine is bottled poetry."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

The bottle of Sir Christopher Wren above is one reason why I won't have time to comment back on all of your photos like usual, but I am still going to try to browse as many as possible. The Ogre and I took a much needed getaway this week, which included a serene lunch at the Gabriel Archer Tavern that overlooks the Williamsburg Winery.

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  1. Ohh... Wine... Luckily, it is lunchtime now, but being at work, I can not partake in such things, DOH!!

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm - Sydney Olympic Cauldron Alight (again)

    Have a great WW!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful setting!

  3. Love the color of the glass...and if the scene in the background is any indication...you choose a beautiful place to vacation!

  4. Enjoy your getaway and that nice bottle of wine. Yum!

  5. it looks like such a nice getaway, enjoy your wine ;)
    Thanks for the linky, I have a linky on my WW post as well...
    and fill out your info here if you want your linkies on my future directory

  6. When I was a young girl, my parents took us to Williamsburg, VA on summer. My mother's sister lives just outside Williamsburg so we stayed with my aunt & her family. It was great fun and we saw a lot of historical stuff. Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

    Cathy Kennedy's Blog

  7. Oh, sounds like fun. Enjoy your respite and thanks for continuing to post even when on vacation.

  8. Bet it was a lovely day :)

    Happy WW!

  9. Hope you are having a wonderful time ~ thanks for hosting ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. That's a pretty color for a bottle. Bet it was good too!

    Have a great WW!

  11. What a fun excursion! Jake and I had a chance to visit a local winery recently, too, and it was lovely.

  12. I'm glad you had a getaway :), I think it's important to take some time for you and those you love... Lovely pic too!

  13. This picture made my saliva glands start drooling....mama ♥'s her grape☺
    Laurie @ pride in photos


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