Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Halloween Witch

Hurricane Sandy is raining on Delaware's Halloween parade - several fun events have already been cancelled due to the dangerous conditions! Perhaps the witches Lady Steel of 88Links found can chase the Frankenstorm away with a spell? Bewitching items from the Fantasy Artists of Etsy team include a black forest queen crown, black velvet witch hat and my Halloween witch bookmark.

Halloween Witch Treasury
Treasuries shared by readers between October 30 - November 5

Halloween Witch
What to Do During a Hurricane
Catch my eye, Touch my heart
Call Me Old Fashioned...
Witchy Pumpkins
Something for Everyone
Enjoy the Fall
Red and Gold: Getting ready for Christmas

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  1. Am wishing the rain comes here! Tucson is rather dry

  2. Great thanks Aquariann, and homage to Gaurdian Dragon (one must always show respect to dragonkind). I appreciate you and all of your magick

  3. I love your shop and your blog. You are very talented.

  4. There are really fantastic items in the Faeteam Witch treasury! I love it. The other treasuries were fun as well.

  5. The witch treasury is great! Stay safe.

  6. Great treasuries everyone! Stay safe!


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