Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY: Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Tree OrnamentWhether December brings snow to Delaware or not, I always hope to get hit with a brainstorm of affordable gift ideas for coworkers. Last year I gave away over 30 tiny magnets of my hot chocolate fairy paired with a fun flavored hot cocoa packet of choice. Since everyone's an individual, I try to find holiday presents that can be customized to different tastes. This year I personalized Christmas ornaments by decorating felt trees I practically stole from Target during last year's 90% off after-Christmas sale.

Christmas Ornament Supplies

1. Felt Trees (If you can't find whimsical art nouveau designs like I did, go one handmade step further and cut your own tree shapes out of felt! The Crafted blog offers a free DIY Tree Pattern to get you started.)

2. Self Adhesive Rhinestones (Knowing how much I love shiny things and dislike gloop, can you believe I just discovered these this year? I was planning to use hot glue to embellish the trees with bling, but this was so much easier - perhaps not as permanent, but as long as people don't pick at them or toss them carelessly in a box, they should stay put.)

3. Eyelash Yarn (If you don't like glitter and fringe as much as I do, substitute the yarn with ribbon or wire hooks.)

4. Star Beads (Make sure you buy ones with holes big enough to slide your yarn needle through so stringing them on top of the trees is easy.)

Personalized Christmas Tree OrnamentsAfter gathering your supplies, go to Christmas Town decorating them. Mixing and matching colors and shapes will give your friends a variety of options when choosing their favorite to take home. Since you can't wrap them unless the recipients have x-ray vision, be creative on how to deliver them. I hung all of my creations on a green wire tree that was festively fun to carry around the office. How are you making the spirits bright this Christmas? Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Cute project! It's neat that you were able to get the trees last year. TFS!

  2. Those are super cute!! I love the added touch of the rhinestones! :)


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