Friday, January 18, 2013

Branch out to Winged Art by Athenianaire!

Butterfly Bottle Necklace by Winged ArtDid you know the average lifespan of an adult butterfly is less than 40 days? Fortunately, Rebecca of Winged Art by Athenianaire captures their ephemeral beauty indefinitely. Don't worry, she doesn't kill butterflies to make her unique jewelry. All exotic insects are purchased after natural life from legal conservation farms in their native lands, as was the Pink Clearwing Butterfly from Costa Rica in the bottle necklace to the right. The farms use the revenue to conserve land and breed local species to help dying populations thrive.

In addition to supporting the farms, her shop funds projects in her local NH community that allow children access to butterflies, moths, and other insects. In 2012, Rebecca created and donated a 3' x 5' display of over 70 species to a children's museum. She also began a program of rearing and releasing local moths (4 species including cercopia and luna moths) and Monarch Butterflies. Children get to work with the lepidoptera from egg to adult, then release them. She established a Monarch Waystation for Monarch Watch and plans to fund two more Waystation gardens in 2013.

Rebecca's philosophy is simple, so I'll let her tell you directly. "Everyone should have access to inspiration. Butterflies are a source of inspiration, a symbol of hope, change, or a memory for so many people. Be it a simple single framed specimen to inspire you or comfort you (or a loved one) on a wall or a jewelry piece that allows the wearer to carry that inspiration or strength with them, everyone should have access to inspiration. Many times sales come with a personal message about the reason why the piece is being purchased, a memory, a remembrance, a moment … Those messages sent to me are motivation and inspiration to me and for that I have to thank YOU."

Winged Art on Etsy

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  1. Oh, I'm so delighted to see that the two of you have connected! I love Rebecca's artwork and the mission behind it. In fact, I have one of her monarch ornaments -- I'm contemplating where I might hang it in order to enjoy it year round :)

  2. Those are so cool. We have a butterfly conservatory opening up at our museum in May and I am so excited!

  3. Awww... I had no idea they live such a short time. It makes me want to go out and see if we have a butterfly conservatory here!

    Thanks for sharing! I've seen her beautiful creations around Etsy, but I had no idea the wings purchased were from companies who use the profits for such good things. That necklace is now officially on my wishlist!

    Tiffany Barry
    In a Pretty Box

  4. I did not know butterflies only live for about 40 days. How cool is it that she raises moths and butterflies? I'm really jealous. What an amazing artist and a great cause.

    BTW: The necklace is absolutely fabulous.

  5. I didn't know they had such a short lifespan. Her jewelry is very creative and I love the butterfly resource contribution too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  6. Many species of Lepidoptera live less than 40 days as an adult. The moths we raise live as an adult for about one week and some do not even eat as adults! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Rebecca (athenianaire)

  7. Fascinating and beautiful! I think it's amazing what Rebecca is doing with her art and I am moved by how wonderful she is to these wonderful flying creatures.


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