Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free Vampire eBook for Valentine's Day!

I didn't doodle classmate or movie star names in hearts across my high school notebooks, oh no. Instead I read Anne Rice novels and daydreamed about Louis de Pointe du Lac appearing to save me from an awkward teen life of being single. I'm eternally glad Ogre eventually found me instead, but I still like to celebrate Valentine's Day with vampires. And this year I'm not alone! This holiday weekend, February 14 - 16, 2013, dark fantasy fans can feast upon a free vampire eBook for Kindle by Ian Hall and April L. Miller.

Free VampireBehind the Masque is a short story of murder, love and revenge. In 1851, a wedding takes place in a small church in the lowland moors of Scotland. Withered from a childhood illness, and banned from the ceremony, Arabella reluctantly watches her mother marry a local businessman. As Arabella settles into her new household, trampled underfoot by her new stepfather and misused by her two stepsisters, she seems destined to a life of drudgery. But then a newly raised Laird appears in the village, looking for a wife.... and he has his eye on Arabella. Fate has intervened to lift her from the ashes, but her road to salvation is far from easy. Arabella’s stepfather will stop at nothing to put his own daughters under the Laird’s nose.

If your appetite isn't sated yet, also included in the free Kindle edition of Behind the Masque is a 4 chapter introduction to Ian Hall and April L. Miller’s sparkle-free vampire series, Vampire High School. According to E S Esteban, "Right from the first page, this is a torrid, rip-roaring tapestry of adventure. April tells the gritty story of Mandy Cross- a vampire cheerleader's love and revenge against the vampire that 'turned' her; bad-boy Alan McCartney. Intertwined with Mandy's story, Ian brings us the tale of Alan's best friend Lyman Bracks, and the unbidden discovery that he's a Helsing; a vampire hunter. The two authors weave their characters like craftsmen..."

Speaking of the authors, Ian grew up in a small village south of Edinburgh, Scotland (the inspiration for the setting for Behind the Masque). He writes a bit of everything; Historical Adventure, Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror, with occasional Non-Fiction and Whimsy thrown in for good measure! April wrote mostly children’s stories and horror before teaming up with Ian but says, "Now I'm loving the vampire stories so much, I don't have time for much else. My novel 'The Marionette Effect' might get published one day, but right now, I'm up to my neck in fangs and gore."

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  1. Hope your Valentine's Day is bewitching!

  2. Oooh, vampires... I really enjoyed Anne Rice's vampire books. I hope you had an excellent Valentine's day!

  3. just bought it, can't wait to read it!! I love Anne Rice too! so I'm thrilled to read your novel!


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