Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GIANT Jewelry Giveaway: 16 Accessories by oBo Creations

EDIT: Giveaway is officially closed. Check oBo Creations' facebook page for a list of the winners.

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, I'm sending out an SOS - please let this plea reach handmade jewelry fans across the globe! My blog sponsor oBo Creations needs your help to win the UniCrea craft fair challenge. I feel so bad for her that the Rafflecopter form is having technical difficulties on her site, so I offered to share it here instead. Please spread the word quickly, as she only has mere hours left! She is offering an amazing SIXTEEN pieces of unique jewelry, one to each winner, in the hopes of generating the most likes for the craft fair's facebook page TODAY. You don't want the code goblins to make her cry, do you?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Got it on FB and on my blog that will post a feed right about now to over 3,000 emails! Woohoo! Tweeted too!

    Wasn't sure how to word the giveaway. Is it 16 people will win or 1 person will win 16 pieces?

  2. thank you, lovely jewelry. new follower to a few of your social networks. thanks great giveaway
    stop by if you get the chance and visit my blogspot and enter my giveaways.
    julie blog host of mamawj'smomentawayblogspot.com/

  3. Thanks for all the shares, sweethearts! She's giving one piece each to 16 winners. Here's her official giveaway post that had the broken Rafflecopter form for more details.


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