Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bunny Blog Hop and Comment Spree

EDIT: The Spring 2013 Bunny Blog Hop Linky may be closed, but don't let that stop you from blogging about rabbits and sharing it by commenting on this post.

For my seasonal hop this spring, I challenge my fellow bloggers to actually hop along with the bunnies. You can paint, craft or bake new creations to share, or feature your favorite rabbit-inspired items by other artists. It is entirely up to you how you wish to celebrate the furry theme; just have fun! This linky party will keep multiplying until chased away by another challenge near the summer solstice, so you have plenty of time to participate. Check back every Thursday to see new submissions, plus a weekly featured Etsy listing chosen by yours truly.

aquariann's Bunny Blog Hop

Featured Bunny Images:
White Rabbit Hat by Little Miss Hattitude
Steampunk Rabbit Ring in Fast Time by Fern Street Designs
Little Bunny Rabbit Bead by Tree Wings Studio
Merbunny Sculpture Art Doll by Alexis Colbert
Turquoise Ceramic Rabbit Sculpture by Hola Papel Maché
Pirate Bunny Hat by Pawstar
Felted Grey Rabbit Miniature Sculpture by Ruta Felt
White Rabbit Soap in Cherry Spice Scent by The Charming Frog
Aviator Bunnyfly Ivory Brooch by Rustwoods
Sterling Silver and Porcelain White Rabbit Pendant by Joan Miller Porcelain
White Rabbit Amigurumi Doll by Little Creations by AnyaZoe
White Rabbit Adult Tutu by Entrherworld
Miniature Easter Bunny Cookie Earrings by Allart's Kitchen
Easter Bunny Ears and Tail as Baby Photo Props by Raspberry and Lime
Bunny Rabbit Angel Garden Statue by Phenome Gnome

Bunny Blog Posts:
White Rabbit Sketch
Easter Dreams
Vintage Rabbit and the Raven's Fledgling
Bunny Banner
Bunny Bagalope
Easter Chick, Bunnies?
Bunny Cookie Bark
Bunnies and Swirls
Felted Easter Bunny
Bunnies in the South
Happy Vernal Equinox
Gentle Bunny Art Print
T-Rex Does the Hop
Celebrating Easter
From Our Easter Bunny
Some Bunny Loves Me
White Bunny Rabbit
Our New Addition


  1. awww..what a super sweet soul..your bunny statue is gorgeous..I want one! Thanks for inviting me to this fabulous hop! happy hopping everyone!

  2. I've moved from Google Reader to BlogLovin' and am so happy to see this! ^-^ I could add just about every post of mine.... XD I won't though; I *am* going to make a special post for it though soon...

  3. Thanks for the invite over. Have a good day!

  4. Sweet bunny! I have added my link! Valerie

  5. time to chase the white rabbit and see where it leads!

  6. I love your bunnies!!! Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I can't add your badge mobilly. Thanks for sharing the cuteness with us. :)

  8. Oh my that bunny is fantastic. The face is just so amazing.

  9. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I've not made a post for this yet! >.< I shall do that today!

    By the way, I love the new bunny!

  10. LOL I recognize Katherine's Dog, Izzy from her blog, lol! How cute! :)

  11. What a fun party! I just threw my daughter a bunny themed birthday party. I'll have to come back when I write my post.

  12. Oh wow! WHAT a cool idea! And I love that bunny rock you featured at the top. AND so happy to have you play along with the SOC again this year - we're lucky to have you! xoxo

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  14. That is the sweetest thing I have seen today!

  15. Hi Kristin, I've been meaning to link my other bunny up for a while, but kept getting distracted... I should be focused now on getting ready for my show, but decided to visit your delightful bunny hop for a little break :). Thank you!

  16. Funny Project. hihi Nice kind of Bunny you show.

    Thanks for your comment with your ask: At Frontside was a miniature of this code an a white Shirt.

    xoxo, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog

  17. Thanks for telling me about this lovely link! :o) x


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