Thursday, March 7, 2013

Branch out to Kunoichi Creations!

Wing Ear Cuffs by Kunoichi CreationsIf you want to transform into a fairy without the gummy mess of prosthetic ears, let Sigyn of Kunoichi Creations be your magic wand. She crafts elf ear cuffs in several stunning shapes, including the fantastic filigree leaf earring cuff to the right. All designs twist around the ear gracefully without any adhesive - or piercings - required! A variety of enameled copper wire colors are available to match any fantasy costume. She'll even hunt down a different wire material for those with allergies, just ask!

Although Sigyn has been designing jewelry since she was very young, she didn't start creating items inspired by her favorite myths and fantasy/science fiction games until 2011. She confides, "I discovered a passion for transforming the fantastical into reality through my products, and after many attempts, I'm finally finding ways to get that enthusiasm out there to share it with more people." Now that she's selling on Etsy, craft shows and Renaissance Faires (and soon brick and mortar stores!), her product line has been expanding - from wire-wrapped jewelry to crocheted creatures and tissue paper flowers.

Kunoichi Creations on Etsy

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  1. I wish I was balling enough to create ear cuffs like this. I love the fact that they are based on fantasy movies and games. The leaf cuff reminds me of something I would see in Avatar.

  2. I would love to see this on a person, to see the ethereal style of this original piece of jewelry in action.


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