Friday, March 29, 2013

Handmade Trove: Organic Sugar Scrub Cubes by Dewdropz Garden

I left the tree to travel down the coast for the Art of the Belly dance festival last weekend. Unfortunately, it was too chilly to go dancing on the beach, but my friends and I had a breathtaking view of the ocean from the 16th floor of the Carousel Hotel. And there was still plenty of dancing to be entranced by inside. I wore my favorite brown buckle boots in honor of Tempest's Adventures in Steampunk workshop the entire time. By the time I got home, my feet were in need of pampering.

Organic Sugar Scrub Cubes by Dewdropz GardenHow wonderful that new organic bath and body products by Dawn of Dewdropz Garden were waiting for me! She picked out the perfect scent of Palo Santo sugar scrub cubes for me, Sacred Forest. All I had to do was bring one cube into the shower and massage into skin - no mess or fuss about trying to use loose bath crystals without getting the rest wet. The soap-free exfoliator is naturally handcrafted with minimal ingredients for maximum yumminess. Its divine effects called my inner dance goddess back from exhaustion.

Dawn also treated me to handmade perfume and organic lip tint in Amber. I usually prefer lotion to make me smell pretty, but the subtle scent of her Haukea perfume is quite nice. Plus, it's packaged in a roll-on bottle so I don't have to worry about spilling it everywhere. And what girl doesn't need more lip balm?!

Disclaimer: I received these organic beauty products as a thank you gift for hosting a free fashion giveaway. If you think your handmade creations would harmonize with my whimsical ramblings, learn how to sponsor a giveaway here.


  1. She has great items, I LOVE Her leg flares!

  2. I like beauty products that look like you can eat them !


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