Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Treasury Tuesday: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time (last Friday, to be exact) ... my Etsy shop got randomly chosen for a Spotlight Attack on the Treasury Island team! Team captain Arlene of This and That Crafter was one of eight members that told a tale using my fantasy art. Whimsical gifts include woodland fairy costume by Enchanted Fairy Ware, purple sparkles photo print by Photography by Lori H. and my green dragon button!

Once Upon a Time Treasury


  1. Congratulations and that is one awesome dragon. We all need 'protectors' like that!

  2. Love your blog and your creativity ~ ^_^

    thanks for 'visiting and commenting' .

  3. Congrats on the spotlight attack! That woodland fairy costume is WAY cool too.

  4. Lovely blog! Always interesting and enchanting!

  5. I've added my treasury! Thanks for inviting me. Now I'll go check out the other ones.

  6. Circle Around There's A Golden Hound In Town is the name - this is a magical place! thanks for the invite!


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