Friday, February 21, 2014

Handmade Trove: Strawberry Plate by Ceraminic

Strawberry Plate by CeraminicI don't know if strawberries being my favorite fruit stems from my taste buds or my childhood adoration for the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon. Either way, I'm berry pleased to have a new addition to the strawberry collection in my kitchen. Ildi of Ceraminic sent me a cute ceramic dish that made a safe journey all the way from the Netherlands!

She handmade the strawberry plate from white clay, then painted both sides with a quality non-toxic glaze. The texture speckling the juicy red was created with tulle and mimics the white polka dots. The glossy pottery piece measures 5.75"x4" and can be used as a spoon rest, dessert dish or jewelry holder.

Disclaimer: I received this free ceramic dish as a thank you gift for hosting a giveaway. If you think your handmade creations would harmonize with my whimsical ramblings, learn how to sponsor a giveaway here.


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