Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Finds: Exotic Beetle Earrings

Insects will start swarming as soon as Spring stops behaving like Winter. Unless it's a butterfly or bee, I usually shriek and swat when a bug swoops too close to my face. Surprisingly, I squeal in excitement instead of alarm when I find beautiful beetle jewelry.

I'd even be thrilled to have beetle bling hanging from my ears. More and more, I've been seeing real elytra beetle wings flutter up in my Etsy searches for handmade accessories. Isn't it amazing how nature can make something that stunningly shiny?! The man-made exotic beetle earrings I found are pretty spectacular, too.

Beetle Earrings on Etsy
1. Brass Khepera Scarab Bead Dangle Earrings by April Leino

2. Wooden Japanese Beetle Earrings by Studio AMF

3. Hammered Copper Arthropod Earrings by Artigiano Jewel Box

4. Iridescent Green Real Beetle Wing Dangle Earrings by Beadmask

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Beadmask, a wonderful blog sponsor that pays for advertising space and featured listings like above. If you think your items would fit in with my whimsical ramblings, please consider supporting my blog and becoming an advertiser.


  1. I like #4, probably because of the cool iridescent color. I remember you featuring some other item from Beadmask that I totally loved too. Great shop, that one!

  2. I love bug jewelry! Had to get some elytra too :)

  3. I love beetle/scarab jewelry as it reminds me of ancient Egypt. I have a soft spot for all that is ancient Egyptian in nature. Great finds!



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