Monday, March 3, 2014

Manicure Monday: Preppy Plaid and Lavender Sparkle Nail Wraps by Jamberry Nails

Plaid and Sparkle Nail Wraps by Jamberry Nails

Guest Post by Kimberly Carman of Kiss My Tips

I've got major cabin fever here in Colorado as we've finally reached the time of year where Mother Nature teases us with a day or two of springlike beauty and then drops us back into a deep freeze to remind us that we have a while to wait. Since I can't climb my favorite hiking trails, sun myself while picnicking in the park or take a dip in the pool, I've taken the edge off with some Spring nail designs. Discontinued style 'Preppy Plaid' #PreppyPlaidJN accented with 'Lavender Sparkle' #LavenderSparkleJN by Jamberry Nails keeps reminding me that warmer days will be here again!

I am especially fond of the preppy plaid and sad to see it leave because it is nearly identical in color and pattern to a pair of beloved plaid shorts my mother gave me when I was probably 8 or 9 years old! I loved those shorts to pieces - probably literally - and I've never found anything quite like them in all the years since. Yay for Spring designs and happy childhood memories!

Sophia Ravenna
Kimberly Carman is an independent consultant with Jamberry Nails. Her company Kiss My Tips was started in September of 2013 and growing FAST! Jamberry has been a company for 3 years and has shown outstanding growth. If you'd like to know more about the company Jamberry Nails, purchasing the wraps, hosting a party or the ins and outs of the business opportunity, visit or contact

If you buy any of Kimberly's fun Jamberry nail wraps, please find and select "Aquariann" in the list of names under party at checkout so I get credit. If I'm not currently hosting a party, please consider choosing another name to help someone else earn free hostess goodies. The world needs more random acts of kindness like that to make it a prettier place!

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  1. I ordered and can't wait to receive the wraps! My daughter chose the Midnight Celebration, but I hope to order again to choose a set of wraps of my own.

  2. Great plaid design for the nails! Thank you for the idea!

  3. I used to love doing my nails in all sorts of wild and bold colors when I worked in the corporate world many moons ago! Following from Jeanpatch Holistics Etsy Blogging Buddies team!

  4. That nail art is beautiful! Have a great day.


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