Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds: Blue Butterfly Hair Accessories

The wild winter weather of 2014 better not dismally effect butterfly season this summer! Butterflies don't usually flutter freely in Delaware until June, but I couldn't wait that long to search for the wondrously winged insects on Etsy. These beautiful blue butterfly hair accessories soared out of the swarm by being the most unique.

Blue Butterfly Hair Accessories on Etsy
1. Metallic Blue Butterfly Hair Pin by Cetonia Designs

2. Blue Scale and Rhinestone Butterfly Hair Fork by A Case of Random

3. Leather Blue Butterfly Headband by Katz Little Factory

4. Blue Morpho Butterfly Leather Hair Slide Or Barrette by Beadmask

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Beadmask, a wonderful blog sponsor that pays for advertising space and featured listings like above. If you think your items would fit in with my whimsical ramblings, please consider supporting my blog and becoming an advertiser.


  1. They are all exquisite but that first one looks real enough to fly away. :)

  2. OMG #1 has me in absolute awe. I love it.

  3. Blue butterflies are my favorite! I am going to check out the first one, it is really lovely!

  4. Beautiful collection! Thank you AQ :)

  5. Beautiful color! Lovely finds, thanks for sharing :)


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