Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Treasury Tuesday: Spring fairy is here

I can barely keep my feet from fluttering off the ground now that the spring fairy finally arrived in Delaware! Andreia from Rolling Ideas helped her spread sunshine sparkles during a SPSteam game. Her spring home decor ideas include yellow daffodil flower photography print by Tiny Delicate World, blue butterflies sign set by Whisper Of The Pipit and my butterfly fairy art print.

Etsy Treasury


  1. Hi. I'm here in place of Cris and Kate. I'm afraid it did the link wrong. It should say "A Fantasy", which is the name of their treasury. I was busy with my blog things and did it wrong. Anyway, Cris says "Thanks for supporting our treasury."

    1. Thank you so fairy much for playing! I fixed the name.

  2. What a bright and happy treasury! Love it!

  3. A truly beautiful treasury to be featured in - and your fairy (as always) is gorgeous. :)

  4. The spring bug has bitten us here in Florida. I started a vegetable garden and all the little seeds are sprouting!

  5. Awesome finds! Love the fairy the best! :)

  6. Hello! Check out my blog please; join my circle or whatever it is lol:

    I'd love to help each other out with promoting each other's blogs too!

  7. Whoa! I just saw you sponsor giveaways...I've been wanting to do one for an item from my Etsy shop, but I don't think I have enough followers to get any entries really. Would you want to help me out?? :)

  8. The Art of Design is a treasury to celebrate this talented group of Etsy shop owners. Kristin of aquariann is featured in the treasury.


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