Monday, April 7, 2014

Manicure Monday: Spring Flower Nail Wraps by Jamberry Nails

Spring Flower Nail Art

Jamberry Nails Host Exclusive for MarchI've been to several Lia Sophia, Tastefully Simple and similar parties, but I wasn't ever excited enough about the products to want to host my own until I discovered Jamberry Nails. My excitement must have been contagious, because somehow I sold enough during my first party to earn the hostess exclusive wraps for spring! March's nail example to the right didn't give the design justice - I was pleasantly surprised when the full sheet arrived and lived up to its written description: "March's Host Exclusive is a feminine bouquet of dark purple and rose hues with touches of muted yellow, pink, baby blue and leaf green. It is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe."

My second Jamberry party is struggling to bloom - I'm only one nail wrap sale away from earning a free sheet! Jamberry Nails is still offering the Buy 3, Get One 1 deal, so if you want to stock up, please find and select "Aquariann" in the list of names under party at checkout to help me reach my goal.

Want to be a guest blogger for my Manicure Monday when I don't have new nails of my own to show off? Please contact me using the form on my contact page if you're interested in a free feature.

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  1. I love the March Hostess wrap! April is nice also :)

  2. Love those! They look great!

  3. I am might be in love with this design :)

  4. Perfect floral print for spring time. Looks great on you!


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