Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Finds: Magpie Jewelry and Accessories

Growing up, I wasn't fond of birds. My parents bought a parrot before I was born and he screeched louder than any sibling could have when he wanted more attention. Over the years, I grew to appreciate birds' beauty from a distance. Although I don't ever want another as a pet, I wouldn't mind owning beautiful bird jewelry. I searched Etsy for some feathered friends and found these magnificent magpie accessories.

Magpie Jewelry on Etsy
1. Iridescent Leather Magpie Barrette by Beadmask

2. Black and White Magpies with Silver Glittery Heart by stars&scars

3. Magpie with Treasure Earrings by ruby and the paper parade

4. Magpie Earrings Over Blue Background by Tailfeathers Jewelry

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Beadmask, a wonderful blog sponsor that pays for advertising space and featured listings like above. If you think your items would fit in with my whimsical ramblings, please consider supporting my blog and becoming an advertiser.


  1. Beautiful finds! Thank you AQ :)

  2. Excellent finds! (I had 4 budges! It was fun :)

  3. So many great finds, hard to pick one!

  4. Oh gosh...My parents had a parrot too! It made such a mess. I never wanted pet birds because of that parrot.
    That barrette is really pretty! Awesome finds.


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