Thursday, June 26, 2014

Handmade Trove: Dragon's Blood Room Spray by Joie Joelle Creations

Dragons Blood Room Spray by Joie Joelle Does it make me a vampire if I like the smell of dragon's blood? Although the masculine scent is pleasant, I'm certainly not tempted to drink Joie Joelle Creations' room spray. And don't worry, no dragons were harmed to hand make the aromatherapy product. The mist might protect my home from angry beasts, though - it can be used like a sage spray to banish negativity. I spritzed it on my curtains to increase the positive energy throughout my lair.

Room sprays are a great alternative to incense and wax tarts, if lighting them is too dangerous in your environment. However, if you have a dragon's heart and are a fan of fire, don't miss your chance to enter Joelle's candle giveaway to win sweet midsummer night's dreams before July 10, 2014!

Disclaimer: I received this free spray as a thank you gift for hosting a candle giveaway. If you think your creations would harmonize with my whimsical ramblings, learn how to sponsor a giveaway here.


  1. I definitely prefer sprays over candles or tarts. Our cats are so curious, and I always worry if I leave the room there will be a mess later. Love the name of this spray and bet it's awesome :)

  2. How interesting! Love the name. I'm here from the etsy blog team.

  3. I like room sprays. Candles are fun too, and I didn't have much luck with tarts (kids knocked over the warmer and it was a big mess!). The dragon's blood scent sounds fun!


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