Monday, June 2, 2014

Manicure Monday: Black and Gold Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Black and Gold Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen

Although Jamberry Nails remain my favorite nail wraps because they're gentler to remove than brands made of nail polish, I couldn't resist commandeering the Ama-Zen design from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line. I wish I would have known about nail wraps before my pirate wedding back in 2012 - this flower nail art would have perfectly matched my black and gold bouquet, which you can see on my pirate postcard.

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Black and Gold Flower Nail Art Finds:

Black and Gold Floral Nail Art Gold Rose Water Transfer Golden Rose Nail Art

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  1. These are beautiful! Black and gold works so well!!

  2. Black and gold nails are my favorite color combo!

  3. So cool. Love the design and the combination of sophisticated black on gold.

  4. Love it girl very beautiful :)

  5. A very luxurious combination!

  6. Black and gold are very pretty together.

  7. So pretty! I think this would be great for a wedding, especially if they had it in silver.


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