Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Treasury Tuesday: Peridot, the Jewel for August

Even if your August birthday has already passed, it's not too late to add birthstone gifts to your holiday wishlist. Shazzabeth helped several peridot jewels shine even brighter. Her birthday gift ideas include peridot gemstone necklace by Ozmay Designs, August birthstone ring by SilverSmack and my peridot green dragon magnet.

Etsy Treasury


  1. Beautiful finds!
    (But the dragon is the best!)

  2. I was always jealous of August birthdays because I love peridot so much! Great finds!

  3. Such a great color. I had a peridot ring many years ago. Perfect choices for this treasury.

  4. Wow! I like the peridot a lot...I wonder if I could pull off that eye shadow.

  5. Beautiful color within this collection...


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