Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds: Purple Dragonfly Hair Accessories

Ogre saw a dragonfly hanging out in our rock garden yesterday, but the flighty insect had flown away by the time I rushed outside with my camera. I've yet to capture a single dragonfly photograph, but handmade dragonflies are easy to catch on Etsy. Just don't let them go - delightful dragonfly hair accessories like these won't sit atop shop shelves forever.

Dragonfly Hair Accessories on Etsy
1. Purple Beaded Dragonfly Hair Slide With Beetle Wing And Indigo Quartz by Beadmask

2. Amethyst Purple Dragonfly Hair Stick by Hair Jems

3. Beaded Dragonfly Fairy Wing Hairstick by The Beaded Bohemian

4. Large Dragonfly Crystal Barrette by Jane's Gem Creations

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Beadmask, a wonderful blog sponsor that pays for advertising space and featured listings like above. If you think your items would fit in with my whimsical ramblings, please consider supporting my blog and becoming an advertiser.


  1. How pretty! I love dragonflies - so beautiful and fascinating! :-)

  2. Beautiful finds!
    We have a nice dragonfly leaving in our garden. It is huge and it has big dark spots on her wings. I have not seen such wings before!

  3. Wow! These are really gorgeous (and colorful!) finds!!

  4. Beautiful. I've used dragonflies in a lot of my jewelry. They're really inspiring, aren't they?

  5. my goodness..they all are so cute..and purple is my favorite color :)..thanks for sharing them..

  6. First you share butterflies (which I love), and now dragonflies (which I love as well!).

  7. I was so excited to get a photo of one in my backyard a few weeks back, but it turned out blurry. They are so fascinating. Your dragonfly hair accessories are simply lovely. This makes me wish I hadn't chopped off all my hair.

  8. Just gorgeous, who would not want one of each!

  9. Really pretty. I love the iridescence of dragonflies.


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