Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Finds: Captain Hook Necklaces

Ahoy! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Captain Hook may be more eloquent than most buccaneers, but that doesn't make him any less of a pirate. He's been my favorite pirate since I discovered Neverland as a lass. I bet a flask of rum that his character has attracted more wenches recently, thanks to his Killian Jones version on Once Upon a Time. In anticipation of the season 4 premiere on Sunday, September 28, I pointed my spyglass toward Etsy in search of pirate jewelry. If you've got a schoolgirl crush, these Captain Hook necklaces will keep him close to your heart.

Captain Hook Jewelry on Etsy
1. Once Upon A Time Captain Hook Scrabble Tile Pendant by ShellyBelly4evr

2. Once Upon A Time Inspired Charm Necklace by Ziva Kreations

3. HOOK Sterling Silver Necklace by Ball and Chain

4. Captain HOOK Magical Necklace by Life is the Bubbles

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Life is the Bubbles, an enchanting blog sponsor that pays for advertising space and featured listings like above.


  1. I love Once Upon a Time! I'm really liking #4, though. Great picks!
    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aaarrrrrr!!!

  2. Great picks, Kristin! They arrrrr lovely ;)

  3. Great finds! I gotta catch up on Once Upon A Time!


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