Monday, February 23, 2015

Manicure Monday: Amethyst Sparkle Nail Art by Jamberry Nails

Amethyst Purple Nail Art

I couldn't let my birthday month end without wearing Jamberry's discontinued design, Amethyst Sparkle. For those that don't know, amethyst is February's birthstone. I've been given several pieces of amethyst jewelry as gifts over the years, but chose the wire-wrapped ring from Allu Ring as a picture prop. Its wild design pairs perfectly with my accent nail choice, Funky Cheetah.

You shouldn't let February end without entering my new St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Giveaway! Kiss My Tips is giving away a $25 Jamberry gift card to one lucky lady in the United States or Canada.

Want to be a guest blogger for my Manicure Monday when I don't have new nails of my own to show off? Please contact me using the form on my contact page if you're interested in a free feature. Or if you've done a purple manicure in the past, comment with the link and I'll add it to my featured finds below.

Amethyst Nail Art Finds:

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  1. Love the combination of the amethyst glittery nails and one colorful accent nail! What fun!

  2. Love the nail design and the ring to go with it too!


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