Monday, March 30, 2015

Manicure Monday: Mermaid Tales by Jamberry Nails

Mermaid Scales Nail Art

I couldn't resist the siren's song at the Art of the Belly dance festival last weekend. Jamberry consultant, Kristin Beno, lured me to her booth with free samples and a smile. Swimming away without buying the Mermaid Tales design to match my lake blue sequin hip scarf would have sunk my spirits! After fishing through the Jamberry nail wraps in my collection, I chose Sapphire Sparkle as an accent nail.

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Mermaid Scales Nail Art Finds:

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  1. I really love this design! Such a pretty color and design!

  2. Love that blue color! I usually do not like blue nails, but these are gorgeous!

  3. Pretty nails! And the accent color you chose is perfect.


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