Monday, July 20, 2015

Manicure Monday: Sparkle Pink Butterfly Nail Art by Jamberry Nails

Pink Butterfly Nail Art

My best friend showered me in butterfly kisses! The pink butterfly nail art by Jamberry Nails, I mean. We traded half a sheet each of butterfly nail wraps to expand our collections. I shared Flutter By, the ombre accent nail I'm wearing. If not for the distance, I totally would have kissed Jamberry consultant Kiss My Tips for surprising me with May 2014's Sister Style Exclusive after hosting a giveaway for her last year.

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Pink Butterfly Nail Art Finds:

Pink Ombre Butterfly Nails Butterfly Wing Nails 3D Butterfly Bling Nails


  1. I absolutely love butterflies. These nails are so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! Love all of them (the first pic especially!)

  3. Yay butterflies! These are so pretty! Love the sparkle

  4. Your nail arts are very pretty. Love the butterfly design. Last year, I also got into nail polish and nail art. You might also be interested in what I have come up with, lol :-) I find that doing nail art makes me more careful about my hands and my nails, make me act more like a lady and I love it :-)


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