Monday, September 21, 2015

Nature Photos: New Hampshire Waterfalls

Sabbady Falls Photo By Aquariann

Jackson Falls Photo By Aquariann

Silver Cascade Photo By Aquariann

Wondering where my Flower Friday photos were the last two weeks? My camera and I went chasing waterfalls with my husband instead. Neither of us had ever been to New Hampshire, so we decided to explore it for our third anniversary after finding a great deal at a ski resort in off-season. We were a bit unprepared to hike on the harder trails through the White Mountain National Forest, but there were still several waterfalls to see that were less than a mile walk from the road. And wow, were they all breathtaking! My three favorite, as shown above, were Sabbaday Falls, Jackson Falls and Silver Cascade.

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  1. HI Kristin your photos are amazing, the last is so cool the way the water flows down the rocks and swirls into the stream. Thanks for sharing.!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Beautiful photos I always think waterfalls peaceful even though they can be noisy ..hope that made sense LOL

    Have a splashtastic week :-)

  3. Lovely capture of the waterfall. It is one of my favourite subject to photograph besides flowers.

  4. These are stunning captures.Really love all pics...

  5. Beautiful falls. Looks like a gorgeous place to do some hiking.

  6. Beautiful waterfalls. The first one is my favorite.

  7. I could sit there and watch this all day :)

  8. Those are so nice. So beautiful and clear.

  9. Oh that's beautiful! Did you have a go to swim/ cool down in it?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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    1. Living near the beach and far from the mountains, I didn't realize people actually hung out at waterfalls in their bathing suits until I got there. I'll be prepared next time, because it did look refreshing!

  10. Beautiful shots, you want to dive right in!

  11. I love waterfalls, that one is so beautiful!

  12. I admit, I wondered about the change from the flower posts, but wow! I absolutely LOVE these pictures. What gorgeous waterfalls.

  13. Love waterfalls! Awesome pictures!

    (Waterfalls are not great for swimming, they are cold! )


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