Thursday, May 11, 2017

Red Flower Photo: Fan Columbine, 'McKana Group'

Red Columbine Flower Photo by Aquariann

I drew the columbine art I use as my Flower Friday button before I ever met anything in the Aquilegia genus. I picked the reference photo through a Google search simply because the flower had the color combination needed for a sketch challenge. Now, five years later, I've captured plenty of columbines with my own camera, should I ever want to draw one again. These pretty petals are part of the McKana Group at Longwood Gardens.

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Flower Friday


  1. Oh that is a beautiful flower combination. So which did you draw, the meme logo? Great!

  2. We don't have those growing here that i've seen, they are lovely!

  3. Just as lovely as can be=)!!...I've never met one in person (yet), but I'm delighted to make the acquaintance of your gorgeous specimen=)!!

  4. We used to see these in the mountains in the summer, they are wonderful!!!

  5. That is beautiful it's the first time I have seen one :-)

    Have a bloomingtastic week :-)

  6. The red is so pretty! I like the close ups of flowers that you take.

  7. Columbine really are pretty. But they self-seed way too readily for me. They almost took over my front bed a couple years ago

  8. I really love the shape and the colors! I guess we have many back home in Indonesia :).

  9. Hope you're OK, Aquarianne - haven't seen you post for several weeks!
    Stop by to share at any time!

    1. Thanks for checking in on me, NC Sue! We're moving into a historic home so my free time has been extremely limited. It might be until after summer when I'm able to blog regularly again, but I did finally post a linky this week at


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