Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Finds, Elevated Style: Autumn in the Mountains

West Virginia MountainsI am officially on vacation! I can barely contain my excitement - are my toes still touching the ground? *fans a cloud away from head*

Justin and I are heading to his aunt's cabin in West Virginia this weekend. Considering that Delaware is mostly flat and lies on a coastal plain, the sight of mountains always astonishes me. They're so immense and stunningly beautiful. And I get to reside on one for an entire week! The photograph to the right was taken on our last visit, a week shy of two years ago.

October is such a lovely time to revel in the changing landscape, as leaves blend from green to yellow, orange and red. We can drive for miles and be surrounded by trees instead of corn fields, nature-made wonders instead of man-made.

But that experience is still hours away, so today I took a stroll through the handmade mountains of Etsy. Autumn is breathtaking, isn't it?

Autumn in the Mountains Finds on Etsy
1. Honeylocust Earrings the Woodlands Blush by LKFarnsworth Studio

2. Sunset 8x10 Fine Art Print by Sunshine Art & Design

3. Forest with 6 Birds Vinyl Decals by Wow Wall

4. The Mountain All Natural Soybean Votive Candle by Lil Sprout Organics


  1. Love the Autumn picture! We don't see changing colored leaves in Arizona. So, pictures of them are always nice =)
    I love the Mountain All Natural Soybean Votive Candle...too cute!!

  2. thankyou so much for featuring my candle on your gorgeous blog!!!!

  3. Beautiful list!
    Thanks a lot for including my photograph!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Oh, so pretty...

    I love the warm blending of the natural autumn palette, but those more striking reds are delightful. I think I feel a new love-affair coming on as far as color goes...

    ~ GossamerSong

  5. Love your collection from the etsy mountain range! :-) Hope your vacation is wonderful.

  6. I wish you the very best vacation! Enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery <3 Lovely Etsy findings :)

  7. Miss you!!! Hope you are having a fantastic time!!!! Lovin your autumn fairy!!!

  8. have a lovely time on your mountain!

    ps - i'm from the great, flat midwest, so i too am perpetually enraptured by the sight of 'my' mountain. it's one of the best parts of living out here! :D

  9. I really love the sunset fine art print! You know, I love how we can browse handmade venues and get a real feeling for the season. It feels like autumn online <3


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