Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jewelry Giveaway Sponsor Openings

One of the very first posts I wrote for this blog was to gain an additional entry for a Valentine giveaway in February 2009. I intermittently entered handmade giveaways for almost two years until I won beautiful earrings from Denise of Beaded Embellishments - and she asked me to help her host another jewelry giveaway for breast cancer awareness! I had such a blast that I now host several giveaways a month (and enter dozens) - who doesn't love to win free stuff?!

Sponsoring a giveaway is a great promotional tool for online shops. Unlike other forms of web advertising, quality clicks to the shop are guaranteed. All my giveaways require the entrants to visit the shop and comment with favorite handmade product as the mandatory entry. Additional entry options include sharing and following on social networks which helps boost seller's marketing reach even after giveaway is over.

My whimsical giveaways usually average 1000+ entries from 100+ entrants. I prefer to host jewelry sweepstakes as they attract a larger target audience, but occasionally accept bath and body, fashion and home decor sponsors so don't be shy in approaching me with an offer. I promise not to chase you away with my horde of flying monkeys.

  • Prize must retail at at least $25.

  • Seller must ship prize for free directly to the winner, anywhere in the world. EXCEPTION: If the prize is a $25 store credit, it's up to the seller to instruct winner how to claim it (either by gift card code or emailing selections) and if actual shipping costs should be subtracted from that amount.

  • If seller offers a $25 gift card, their shop must have at least 3 items that retail below $20. It is very important to me that the winner has the option to receive a prize for free.

  • Since I don't charge for the time I spend in writing and promoting the giveaway, additional entries include a few follow options for my own accounts. Also, if you're pleased as pie with the outcome, I certainly won't decline a hostess gift to brag about in my handmade trove.

Pretty please with sugar crystals contact me if you're interested in sponsoring a giveaway! First come, first reserved - I host only one new giveaway a month and they last 20 days.


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